Friday, May 3, 2013

Very first H&M purchase

The infamous cropped pants from H&M! I'm so expected to say I finally own a pair of them now! The cut and fit is very flattering and chic considering they are sold at 24.95. I was very disappointed in the overall quality of H&M my first visit but I've learned to lower my expectation and dig for "gold". So here is my yea and nay for today's trip to H&M.

From my past experience and rumors that H&M runs small in sizes...I saw these pair of jean were marked at $30 in size 28 and thought just to see how their jeans fit on me.  Surprisingly happy with the fit and disappointed in my shape... 28 fits perfectly!!! I can imagine them to be my every work jeans when I am not traveling. 
These neon pink was a little tight on me around my waist.  Same as the jeans, with a pair of heels=>daily work pants.

Haha, don't know what I was thinking but as you can see I do look like a stereotype Chinese in "farm floral" pants.  

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